Tent and Party

Party Track does a great job at managing your rental inventory.

Inventory tracking for a special event equipment rental company is unlike any other business. Most inventory systems are designed for wholesale/retail type businesses where you add to your inventory upon purchase, and subtract from it upon sale of the inventory. Party Track manages your rental inventory for the time it is in use, the time required to deliver and pick-up the inventory, and will let you know when you have tried to rent more items than you own during any time period. There is no limit as to how far in the future items can be rented for an event. When entering orders we show you when you are trying to rent more items than you have available for the same period of time as the order. In addition, you can use our Inventory Manager program to see all overbooked items during a timeframe and see where you’ve either sub-rented or purchased items to help resolve the overbookings.

Inventory Manager

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