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Warehouse Management

Managing your event equipment warehouse can be complex without the right systems in place. With Party Track this is now easier than ever!

Business tools in a nutshell.
Inventory management in a nutshell.

Manage & Schedule Deliveries

The Warehouse Manager feature offers rental companies the ability to create truck itineraries and assign drivers for scheduled deliveries. You can then notify the drivers of their duty by sending them the created itinerary via email or print.
Soon, Party Track will be implementing a new feature called PTDriver which is a cloud-based application providing your drivers with the orders they are to pickup & deliver.
In a Nutshell
  1. The Customer Pickups & Returns screen is used for managing those orders where your customer is picking up and returning the items for their order. Orders can be selected for the date where orders are being picked-up or being returned.
  2. The Truck Deliveries & Pickups screen is used for orders that you are delivering to and/or picking up from your customers. Orders can be selected by date and added to specific truck itineraries.
  3. Truck Itineraries are lists of orders that go on each truck and can be sequenced in the order they are to be delivered and/or being picked up.
  4. Non-Order related items can be added to itineraries such as installation equipment.
  5. Weights of items and additional equipment on a truck are calculated and an alert is provided if that weight exceeds the allowable weight capacity for the truck
  6. Statuses can be maintained to keep track of orders that have been delivered or picked up.
  7. Additional information such as drive time and setup time can be maintained on the itineraries.
Business tools in a nutshell.
Inventory management in a nutshell.

Set Up Automated Routing

In addition to fulfilling orders, you can also use the Warehouse Manager to instruct drivers to pick up or return sub-rentals. Order information can also bypass the internal routing process and send the order data to Routific for automated routing.

Integrate With UPS or FedEx

For orders being shipped thru UPS or FedEx, Party Track can be integrated with their programs. The order number is entered into UPS/FedEx and their programs access the Party Track database to get the information needed for shipment.

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