Order Entry

The Orders tab is used to enter and maintain your customer orders. The program is loaded with features to help you do this as efficiently as possible.

  • Create new orders from existing orders
  • Create missing equipment invoices from existing orders
  • Retrieve orders by order number or by order search
  • Change between order and quote easily
  • Add customer while creating an order
  • Retrieve customer using telephone #, name, or search
  • Change a customer on an order
  • Record delivery locations and instructions
  • Discount orders manually or automatically by customer
  • Apply delivery charges manually or automatically by location
  • Review order total and breakdown of charges
  • Add Items using an alpha item id or by item search
  • Inventory checking as items are added to the order
  • Add Item kits that include unlimited component items
  • Add Items automatically when an associated item is added
  • Create a detailed proposal
  • Display all orders that contain a specific item for overbooking
  • Review sub-rentals assigned to an order
  • Access telephone numbers easily for customers and vendors

Order Entry Screens

Here is a look at the primary screen used for order entry. From the main orders screen, double-click any order to pull up the order information screens:


This is the main information screen in order entry. It is used to enter/maintain the general order information (billing info, shipping/delivery info, and more. Other tabs include the items screen, which is used to add, maintain, and remove items from an order, and the totals screen, which is used to review the order totals. From the totals screen you can add additional charges, apply discounts, take payments, and more.