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RFID Technology

Party Track has provided RadioFrequency Identification (RFID) since 2007 to improve the quality of your linen processing and management of linen inventory.

Benefit of using RFID technology for businesses.
Benefit of RFID technology in a warehouse.

What Is RFID?

This technology uses radio frequency to detect the identity of materials by reading their data. Consequently, it helps you ensure that the linen — or whatever item — you pick for delivery matches exactly what was ordered by scanning the unique tags attached to the linen.
Once your customer returns the linen after the event, Party Track again scans the material and alerts you when a material is missing or damaged.
Find, Identify, And Scan Items In Your Warehouse
In addition to using permanent scanning devices, you can now use RFID Handhelds with Party Track to find, identify, and scan items in your warehouse. They can also be used to record the delivery and pickup of the order at your customer’s location.
Find, identify, and scan items in a warehouse.
Business tools in a nutshell.

In a Nutshell

  1. Party Track provides enhanced inventory management through the use of RFID.
  2. Each item with an RFID tag is recorded in Party Track using our RFID Tag program. This program is also used to reassign a tag on damaged or worn-out items.
  3. The RFID Ship program will scan picked items and identify where incorrect items are picked, items on the order are not picked, or incorrect quantities are picked. This improves the quality of your shipment/deliveries.
  4. The RFID Return program records items scanned upon return and will create a missing equipment invoice for items not returned.
  5. RFID eliminates the separate need for counting returned items. Items will still need to be reviewed for damage.
  6. RFID Handhelds provide the ability to record deliveries and returns at the event site and also have some features for use at the warehouse such as Finding an Item.

Helping You Run Your Business More Efficiently

Manage stock, delight customers, and empower employees with Party Track’s RFID Technology.

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