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All the tools you need to provide a seamless experience for your customers and keep your data safe and available, always.

Inventory management in a nutshell.
Signing up to Party Track.


As an event rental company, your business often requires signatures between you and your clients and vendors. Party Track facilitates this process through our eSignature feature, which enables remote signatory.
On the Party Track software, you define which documents for which you require signatures. You can then send them out to your clients or vendors for them to sign. This eSigning prevents you from having to meet physically or deal with cumbersome paper documents. Once concluded, Party Track stores the signed copy on your network, and you can access it directly from the order screen.
We provide this PTSign feature to our customers at no additional cost.
PTSign – Electronic Signatures
  1. The PTSign feature is used to collect electronic signatures on any number of forms such as Order Confirmations, Terms and Conditions, Credit Card Authorizations, Temporary Structure Addendum – Evacuation Plan, and more.
  2. PTSign includes a status screen to show if documents sent for signature have been viewed or signed. Documents can be resent for signatures from the status screen.
  3. Once your customer has signed the documents, your salesperson receives an e-mail alert. Signed documents are stored on your network.
Make It Easier For Your Customers To Pay You For Your Services
In addition to the electronic signature, you can include a “Pay Now” link for your customer to make payments for your services. The link is associated with our credit card vendors — EVO Payments, Card Connect, and Gravity Payments — which we’ve built into this particular feature.
Business tools in a nutshell.
Business tools in a nutshell.


Have peace of mind that your payment records, orders, and inventories are safe no matter what happens, be it an accidental deletion or malware on your device.

Party Track Database Backup

No efficient record tracking comes without a reliable backup. And to keep to our promise of providing an efficient tracking system for rental companies, Party Track offers a cloud-based backup for our customers to save their entire Party Track database.

Storage For All Your Party Track Data

The PTBackup feature is designed for backing up only the information you deal with on Party Track. You would need other backup systems for all other data you create on your computers concerning your business which you do not share on the Party Track app.

Although such other storage platforms come at a minimal cost, the PTBackup feature is entirely
free for all our customers.

  1. The PTBackup feature provides a daily backup of your Party Track database.
  2. Backups are stored on the PTBackup server for thirty days and if needed can be restored within an hour.
  3. Customers must provide their own backups for all other files on your server or computers. Many online services are available such as Carbonite.com.
Business tools in a nutshell.
Inventory management in a nutshell.

Website Orders Import

  1. Party Track has APIs used for integrating your website by importing order and customer information.
  2. An integration also exists for Wix.com websites.
  3. Our Import Web Orders program lets you see all orders that have been imported from your website allowing you to manage these orders with your customers.

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