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Order Processing

Customize your orders and quotes in a way that works for your business with Party Track. You can choose to manually type in the figures and letters, copy the entire data from previous orders, or import the information directly from your website using our Web Import service.

Business tools in a nutshell.
Inventory management in a nutshell.

Customize Your Rates

You can choose to apply varying rates for different categories of customers, such as your returning clients. Customers are therefore given the option to use your standard item price or customer-specific pricing. You can also apply discounts to items right on Party Track.
You may also define your orders as Truck Delivery, Shipment, or Will Call. Each kind of order will have specific delivery charges and logistics handling that apply to them.

Determine Your Costs

Via the UPS/FedEx integration with Party Track, you can instantly determine how much it would cost to ship rental items and kits to your customers. You can make use of either the UPS or FedEx web rate services to generate shipping rates. Although both services typically generate varying rates, the difference is usually minimal.

A man working hard with his laptop computer.
Inventory management in a nutshell.

Manage Overbooked Items

Overbooked items are displayed in Red, and you have the option to review what orders are causing the overbooking. The quantity owned, quantity rented, and quantity short will also be shown for every overbooked item. Clean-up days (when returned items are scheduled to be cleaned and returned to inventory) are considered when an item is overbooked.

Items added to an order can be individual items, packaged items, or kit items. A kit item is any order such as a tent, which requires various kits (components) to build, such as poles and fabric. Overbooking for a kit item will be shown at the component level, showing which component is causing the overbooking.

Items can be sub-rented (rented from a third-party rental company) or purchased to resolve the overbooking. Resolved overbookings are shown in Blue.

Missing or Damaged Equipment

Upon return, missing or damaged equipment can be added to a separate “missing equipment” invoice. You can then use this invoice to charge the customer. Such “missing equipment” will be recorded as unavailable, thus affecting the number of items displayed on inventory.

Business tools in a nutshell.
Business tools in a nutshell.

More Features to Process Your Orders

  1. You can serialize items and add them to an order based on the desired quality of the serialized item.
  2. You can associate picture files to Items. You may also choose to include these pictures on the order forms for your company and customers’ use.
  3. When using our PTsign feature to send out documents for your customers to sign, you can also include a payment link in the document. The customer can then pay instantly via any of the credit card vendors (EVO, Card Connect) we’ve built this functionality with.

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