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Connect Your Everyday Business Tools To Party Track

Welcome to the future of event equipment rental management, where useful features and integrations are available to you at no additional cost.

Businesses run better with quickbooks.


To make your rental accounting effortless, Party Track includes a QuickBook Sync program to integrate with QuickBooks Pro & Enterprise. This enables you to quickly and accurately track expenses, manage cash flow, and generate invoices on the Party Track app. Through the integration, Party Track also syncs data concerning your customers, vendors, orders, payments, and more to QuickBooks, thereby providing information for your financial statements and reporting.


Party Track also works with DispatchTrack, a leading software in delivery and pickup route optimization. This integration serves to facilitate your truck delivery and itinerary by acting as a direction guide.

As a party rental company, it’s essential for your drivers to always know the best and quickest route to reach your clients and vendors to enable them to deliver/pick up rented items as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. And via this integration, Party Track feeds DispatchTrack with your order data which DispatchTrack then uses to automatically create fully optimized routes. You and your drivers may then decide to customize the created route as the delivery or pickup specifically requires

Party Track’s integration with this highly efficient routing software offers you a driver app wherein your drivers can see delivery directions. The software also comes with a feature for your drivers to communicate with customers, informing them about the estimated time of delivery and updating them about the journey in real-time.

Inventory management in a nutshell.

Website Integration

Party Track comes with APIs to facilitate the integration of your website with Party Track. Since you use Party Track to manage your orders and inventory, it’s only fair that you’re also able to see what orders customers are placing on your website in real-time. The website integration makes this possible.

Party Track has a web import program that allows you and your staff to see the orders and wish lists that have just been placed on your website because they would instantly reflect on the Party Track app.

Bring More Efficiency Into Your Day To Day Operations

In essence, your customers are submitting their orders and wish lists directly into your Party Track Database, using your website as an interface. Your staff can then immediately follow up on such orders as soon as they’re placed without having to switch between the app and your website repeatedly.

If your website is built with Wix.com, Party Track can supply you with the integration code. Otherwise, we will have to work with your web developer to integrate your website with Party Track.

UPS/FedEx Integration

UPS and FedEx have stamped their names as industry leaders when it comes to package delivery. These companies can immediately generate shipping rates according to the order and destination provided.

As a party event rental company, you want to be able to instantly determine how much it would cost to deliver rental items and kits to your customers.

Web Rate Services

Party Track utilizes APIs from UPS and FedEx to retrieve shipping rates instantly. When set up to use Web Rate Services, Party Track will display the available shipping options and rates on the Party Track Delivery Charge screen.

UPS WorldShip & FedEx Ship Manager Integration

For scheduling deliveries and pickups

This integration allows you to enter your Party Track order number directly into these shipping programs (UPS & FedEx). The programs will then be able to access the order information directly from the Party Track database and automatically schedule deliveries/pickups as needed.

UPS-FedEx integration for businesses.

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