August 6, 2021


Party Track is pleased to announce our latest software feature named PTSign.  PTSign provides you with the ability to get your client signatures on important documents such as Order Conformations, Rental Agreements, and more.  Getting signatures from your customers has always been important, and getting them electronically is even more important.

In addition to getting signatures from your clients, you can also include a payment link so your customers can also make their payments to you.  This payment option does require the use of card processing vendors that we have a Pay Now Link integration with.  Party Track provides an e-sign documents screen to show you the status on getting the documents signed.  From this screen you can send a reminder if your customer has not yet signed the documents.  Once signed, the signed documents are loaded to your network and can be retrieved if needed directly from the orders – linked files option.

Party Track had integrated with a well-known e-signature product about three years ago but found that due to costs per signature, our customers did not sign-up for that integrated feature.  Recognizing that this was not the right solution for the rental industry, we decided to create PTSign and we provide this at no cost to our customers.